Browser Support

We have decided to only support modern browsers. This has several reasons we would like to explain here.

Note that this only applies to our backend, the part where you manage your podcasts and episodes. 

For our podcast blogs we always try to support as many browsers as possible, even old ones, so we make sure your audience can always enjoy your content.

1. Better user experience

By supporting only modern browsers, which in turn support modern features we can give you the best possible experience. One example for this is Drag&Drop support for files.

2. Faster development

We are always keen on improving features we already have and also building new ones. Only supporting modern browsers allows us to improve and build faster, so you can get access to new features and a better podcast publishing experience faster.

Which browsers?

  • latest 2 versions of Firefox
  • latest 2 versions of Google Chrome
  • latest 2 versions of Safari
  • latest 2 versions of Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer 11