Importing themes from git repos

You can import blog themes from git repos. This has the advantage, that you can work on your files locally and have them version controlled.

To create a theme that is connected to a git repo, use the button "Import theme from git repo":

Once there, you can give your theme a title, add the repo URL and choose a branch (master is the default one).

Please use the HTTPS version of the git repo URL, otherwise Podigee won't be able to fetch the contents

Requirements and structure of the git repo

One requirement is that the repo is publicly readable through an HTTPS URL.

The other requirement is the presence of a directory called `files` on the top level of the repository. Only .html and .css files will get imported. Any other content will be ignored.

File limit

There is a hard limit of 50 files that will be imported. Please make sure that your `files` directory does not contain more than 50 files.

Sample repository

You'll find a sample repository that you can clone and use here:

Re-importing files from a git repo

Once you have a theme that uses git as the source of content, you can re-import all the files from your git repository on the theme editing page:

Watch out!

When re-importing, all the files of the theme will get deleted and replaced by the ones in your repository!