Wordpress Quick Publish Plugin

This plugin lets you transfer the show notes, the code for the web audio player and other metadata of your podcast episodes into a WordPress post with just a few clicks. It is available to all Podigee users who have booked at least the Advanced Plan (version 6 or higher).
Podigee Wordpress Quick Publish works with the classic Wordpress editor - also the integration into Gutenberg is supported. 
Cool. And how can I install it? 
Very easy: Search in the WordPress plugin directory for Podigee WordPress Quick Publish and click Install - but don't forget to activate the plugin after installation.
After activation, please open the Podigee menu item in your WordPress settings. Enter the subdomain of your podcast in the appropriate field - exactly as it is listed in the podcast settings in the podigee backend under General. You can also find the Auth-Token in the podigee backend on the Apps tab in your user account settings.

A new addition is the option to enter your Custom Feed URL. If you use your own domain for your podcast and thus also for the Podigee blog, please enter it in the input field.

Please note that the Podigee blog URL (e.g. https://mygreatpodcast.podigee.io) does not belong there. The part between the protocol https://und and the domainpodigee.io is the so-called subdomain. In the example above, the subdomain is mygreatpodcast.

If you are creating or editing a post now, you should see an editor box called Podigee Quick Publish somewhere - if not, you can view it in the top right corner of the Customize View tab. If your settings are correct, the URL to your MP3 feed should already be there. With the Fetch Feed button, you can load all your episode metadata - and then just select an episode to magically copy titles, show notes and the web player into your post with a single click. 
So, to recap in a nutshell:
1. install the plugin directly from the WordPress directory
2. activate the plugin
3. enter the subdomain and auth token in the settings
4. show the box (and move it to the desired position if necessary)
5th Post!
I have so many questions!
If you think that something somewhere is not working as it should, please contact hello@podigee.com with a description of the error and preferably with screenshots. Or maybe these frequently asked questions will help you:
Why is the field "Feed-URL" empty?
Probably you have not yet entered the authorization token. Check the Podigee menu in your WordPress settings. You can find the token itself here.
Do I have to pay for this plugin?
You need at least our Basic Package (version 6 or higher) to use this plugin. It's under an MIT license and probably a resourceful WordPress developer can upgrade your verification in no time - but it would be much fairer if you click on the appropriate plan with us.
Does the plugin write any garbage into my WordPress database?
Of course not. We just save the data you entered under settings into the wp_options table. The key we use for this is called pfex_plugin_options - and if you delete it, it will reset your settings.
I installed and activated the plugin, but nothing has changed in the editor.
That's not a question, but we're happy to help here, too: Have a look under "Customize View" in the upper right corner of your editor. You probably have to show Podigee Quick Publish there first. By default, it will appear at the bottom of the editor (but you can simply drag it from there to the desired location).
I use Gutenberg - does the plugin work here?
Yes, it is supported now.
Can I also copy unpublished episodes this way?
Can you guarantee that the plugin will always be compatible with future WordPress versions?
No. Since the plugin, unlike our internal features, is entirely within WordPress, we cannot guarantee that it will always be available as part of the Advanced Plan or higher. For example, a WordPress version may be released in a few years, which is so radically different from previous versions that we cannot update our plugin immediately. Even WordPress may decide that the plugin violates their guidelines in some way and kick it out of the plugin store. There is no immediate reason for such cases in the near future, but unfortunately, we cannot predict how the platform will develop over the years.