What Do The Terms Total Downloads, Complete Downloads & Streaming Downloads Mean?

Total Downloads

Total downloads are the sum of complete downloads & streaming downloads.
In this context, a download can be understood as a "play": how many times an episode or podcast has been played. Additionally, we try to merge & group downloads per listener as precisely as we can. In other words, when one person listens to a given episode, during a short amount of time, on the same device, we will count it as one download. This makes the number a lot more accurate and closer to reality than on many other services.
Completed Downloads
Completed downloads are those that are played completely, from beginning to end, by one listener.
Streaming Downloads
Streaming downloads are those that were not played completely, but more bit-by-bit. Imagine them as "streams" directly from our servers without downloading the complete file.
Raw Downloads (only available for some customers)
Rohe downloads are requests from listeners or podcast clients, one-to-one without any grouping on our side.
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