Podcast Editors

Editors are people who are allowed to edit this podcast. They can use pretty much the same features as the owner of the podcast, excluding inviting other Editors or deleting the podcast itself.

As a Editor you can only edit podcasts you were invited to join.
The feature "Editors" is available starting with the "Indie" plan.

Inviting New Editors

Use the blue button "Invite editor". In the new window, fill in the email address of the person you'd like to invite. This person will get an email from us with an invitation.

Status Of The Invitation

As soon as you invite a person, it will appear in the editors table with the status "Invitation sent". As soon as this person registers and confirms the invite, the status will change to "Active".
Editors with both the status "Active" and "Invitation sent" are deducted from your currently available quota.


Depending on your subscription, you will have a given amount of editors. The quota is separate for each podcast.
Once you hit the quota limit, you won't be able to add more editors to your podcasts.
In case you need more editors, you can either pick a bigger subscription plan, or book additional editors. Please, contact us if you have any questions about this.