Available Analytics Packages

We offer 3 analytics packages, similar to the Podigee plans: Basic, Advanced and Professional.
In the analytics you always have to distinguish between episode and podcast (entire show) analytics. Podcast analytics combine all episode analytics and display them on a common dashboard.
The analytics packages build on each other: everything available in the Basic package is also available in Advanced, and so on.
All packages include Basic download stats for a podcast.

Exception rule for obsolete plans

Podigee subscriptions started before September 2019 and now (everything under package version number 6. See your current version number here) using obsolete plans see only limited analytics. Obsolete plans do not see listener insights. To enjoy the full scope of the new analytics, you should upgrade to a new plan by contacting our support. The best way to contact the support is via the chat bubble in your dashboard's lower right corner.

"Basic" Analytics

This package is available with the plan "Basic".
The episode and podcast analytics show the downloads and streams. In addition, there is an episode overview page that allows you to navigate between the entire podcast show and individual episodes.
Listener Insights: The number of listeners and subscribers is displayed in the podcast dashboard.

Podigee Basic Analytics

"Advanced" Analytics

This package is available from the plan "Advanced".
In the podcast statistics there are additional grouped download statistics (sources, platforms, apps, and apps on platforms and country map).
Listener Insights: how many episodes listeners have heard the podcast (1,2, 3, 4, or more than 5).

"Professional" Analytics

This package is available from the plan "Professional".
An episode comparison is available, with the ability to compare the performance of multiple episodes since release.
The professional analytics can be downloaded as a CSV-Export (Excel-compatible) for own reporting.

Listener Insights: which podcast categories the listeners of the podcast have heard, and which other podcasts (of course this info only refers to the Podigee catalogue. Feature only available for German podcasts so far, more languages are planned).