Audio Upload & Encoding

Uploading Audio Files

Please upload the best available audio quality of your episode. We recommend CD quality (WAVE format with 16 bit and 44.1kHz sampling rate). If you upload a MP3 or AAC file, please be careful that your bit rate is higher than 256 kbit/s. We also accept FLAC.

Allowed file extensions are: m4a, caf, ogg, aiff, flac, mp3, opus, wav, mp4, alac, aac

Encoding A New Audio File

Once you click the "Encode" button, the audio quality will be improved with Auphonic, and encoded in different formats (aac, mp3, opus & ogg vorbis). The encoding process usually takes 50%-60% of the duration of the audio file. This means that if you upload a 10-minute long file, the encoding will take around 5-6 minutes. If you active the transcription feature, it will take a bit longer.

Re-encoding An Existing Audio File

Use the button "Re-encode" to encode again an already uploaded audio file.
The values of the fields under the "General" tab, the show notes and the chapter marks all get baked into the audio file itself. If you change any of those fields, you'll need to re-encode the file to keep the changes up-to-date. Re-encoding an already uploaded audio file has no charge within 7 days since the last encoding.

Replacing An Audio File

If you need to replace an already uploaded audio file, you'll need to delete the current one first, and then upload a new one. Important notice: when deleting and uploading a new audio file, your monthly quota will be reduced by the duration of the new audio file in minutes.


The multi-track feature allows to upload separate audio tracks. When encoded, these will get merged into a single audio file.
Export separate tracks from your audio editor and upload them here by adding new files. Then, either assign someone from your contributors as the speaker or give the track a custom name.
Multi-track is only available in some plans.

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