Podigee Premium

What is Podigee Premium?

Podigee Premium offers the possibility to sell paid subscriptions for podcasts. Premium Podcasts can only be listened and subscribed to as long as a Premium subscription is active. 
A premium subscription is always purchased for a specific period of time. For example, for a period of 30 days for €5 or a period of 60 days for €8. The packages can renew automatically or expire at the end of the period. Each Podcaster is free to choose which form of package they offer.
A podcast can only be free or paid. An optional donation subscription for a freely available podcast is not yet available. 
How do I set up Podigee Premium?
If Podigee Premium is available for your account, you will see a link to the Premium Dashboard in the upper right corner. There you can set up a Premium Podcast.

The landing page is what your potential supporters see first. It should contain all important information about your offer. If you want to put the project online, you have to uncheck "Project protected?". Otherwise the landing page can only be viewed via the link with the token, for example for testing purposes.

In the Offer tab you set the packages that can be purchased for your podcast. You can choose the price and duration freely and decide whether the package should renew or expire automatically at the end of the term. You can also set several different durations for a package, from which your listeners can choose. You can also choose whether the subscription is only valid for one podcast or for several. Only podcasts that have been marked as "protected" in the regular dashboard will appear in this list. Unprotected podcasts cannot be included in a package. Sample episodes can be listened to directly on the website so that your potential supporters can get an idea of what awaits them as a subscriber. You can activate or deactivate a subscription. However, this only works for new subscribers. Existing subscribers cannot be kicked out of their package. In the tab "Sold subscriptions" you will see a list of your subscribers with the relevant key points. You can also export this data there.

In "My account" you should enter all relevant data about yourself. Above all, it is important to which IBAN we should transfer your money, what you earn with Podigee Premium. Here you will also find a list of your previous payouts

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