Podigee Premium for Listeners

Podigee Premium offers Podcasters the possibility to offer their podcasts for a paid subscription. As a listener you can subscribe to a premium subscription and get access to the podcast. You can either listen to the episodes in the web player or subscribe to the podcast's RSS feed in a podcatcher (i.e. podcast app, such as Pocket Cast, Overcast, Podcast Addict etc.).

The Premium RSS Feed
The RSS feed you get with the support of a premium project can be added to a podcast app just like any other RSS feed. But unlike free podcasts, this feed is only for you. It is generated individually for each listener and works as long as your premium subscription is active. This RSS feed may not be passed on to third parties! If your RSS feed becomes public, the owner of the podcast may be forced to invalidate your feed and deny access.
Forms of Premium Packages
Podcasters can offer two different package variants. There are packages that always renew themselves. For example, you can book a recurring package for 5€ for 30 days. Every 30 days 5€ will then be debited from your credit card until you cancel the package in your supporter's dashboard. There are also non-recurring packages. You book these once and are only valid for the booked period. After this time, you will lose access to the podcast if you do not actively book a new package

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