Protected Podcasts

For our business packages, we offer a feature to set up a protected podcast + feed. This means that the podcast's RSS feed and, if applicable, the blog generated by Podigee can only be accessed with a user name and password. Each listener receives an individual feed so that the podcast can continue to be heard in the podcast listening app of their choice.

Activating the protected podcast
The podcast is set up as a regular podcast. As soon as it is created and the feature is activated for the user, the tab "protection" appears in the podcast settings.

Once the button is clicked, the feed is protected. From then on, no one can access it without a username and password.
Create user
After the feed protection has been activated, the button changes. Under the button "Deactivate", which deactivates the complete feed protection, the button "Manage" appears, which opens the user administration.

In the user administration you can create new users, manage existing ones or delete them. Each*r new listener*in needs either a user name and password or email and password. The advantage of email is that you can tell the corresponding person only the password and they do not have to remember an additional username.

As soon as the user has been created, he appears in the table at the bottom:

Web-Player for protected podcasts

In some cases you may want to integrate the protected podcast in a special section of your own website, which may also be protected. In order to prevent users easily downloading the audio file of the protected podcast, you may want to obfuscate those options.

In order to do this, you'll need to go to the webplayer tab in your podcast settings into the advanced options and deactivate following options:

Manage users via API
It is possible to connect external systems to Podigee in order to control the user administration from the outside. The API documentation can be found here: