Export Podcast Episode to Headliner

What is Headliner?

Headliner is an online service that allows you to create short video snippets from your podcast episode on Podigee. These are ideal for promoting your podcast on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
How do I link Podigee to Headliner?
In the export settings of your podcast you will find the general settings for Headliner. There you can upload a picture, which by default will be used as a still image for your Headliner video. You can also set a different image for each episode. You can also choose a color for the waveform of your video. (All settings can also be adjusted again in Headliner during the creation process. But the default settings are handy if you want to quickly use the same settings over and over again).

What is the Waveform? The Waveform is an animated visualization of the podcast audio in the Headliner video. Without this animation, nothing would move in the headliner video, and it would be harder to recognize as video in social media timelines and feeds.
How do I create a headliner video from my episode?
To create a headliner video, you need a fully encoded episode on Podigee (it doesn't have to be published yet). Once you've encoded your episode, you can set a specific episode wallpaper for your headliner in the Episode Settings in the Social tab, but this is optional.

Then click on the headliner button and you will be redirected to the corresponding headliner website. There you can cut the appropriate audio snippet from your episode (a normal headliner video can be max. 10 minutes long). Headliner also offers you advanced options to create subtitles for the video, to add your own text or to adjust the waveform again.
Once you've created the video, you can either export it to a linked Twitter or Facebook channel or download it as a normal video to your computer and upload it to various websites.
Does Headliner cost money?
Headliner offers extensive features for free users. Some advanced features cost money. You can find a price list here: https://www.headliner.app/pricing/
Do I need my own headliner account?
Yes, to create a video on Headliner you need at least one free headliner account.
Which aspect ratio should I choose?
Headliner gives you the choice of a rectangular, square or upright video format. If you're not sure which one to choose, a square video is the best for all platforms.