Steady: How to create a link to your account

What is Steady?

Steady is a membership program that gives content producers such as journalists, media makers and of course podcasters an opportunity to get paid for their work. The principle is similar to crowdfunding: many people contribute small amounts of money every month to support projects they find exciting and important. As a paying member you get access to exclusive content.

Steady and Podigee - how does it work? What do I have to do?

With this feature you can now link your Podigee podcast to your Steady account. For example, you can publish exclusive episodes exclusively for Steady members.

To publish an exclusive episode of the podcast on Podigee, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the settings section in Podigee and enter your Steady API key to connect Podigee to Steady. You can find the API key in your Steady dashboard under Dashboard -> Integration > API.
  2. Look up the API key in your Steady account and add it to Podigee in your podcast settings under the Exports tab and in the Social category. Now Steady is connected to Podigee.

  3. Proceed exactly as you would when creating and publishing a new episode via Podigee (upload audio, add description, transcript, chapter markers, etc.), encode the audio file and plan to publish the episode. 
  4. Click on the tab Social and scroll down to Steady.

  5. Now choose if you want to release your episode for everyone), or exclusively to your members.

  6. Done! 
  • Any questions about this integration? Feel free to contact our support team via mail: