The Cover Image or Artwork of a Podcast

The cover image (your podcast's artwork) is listed in the podcast feed and used by podcast clients as the title image.

There are two categories of podcast images: the cover image of the entire podcast, and the cover image per episode.

Podcast cover image

You can upload the podcast cover image under Podcast -> General.

Episodes cover image

Some podcast clients allow you to define different cover images per episode.
You can upload the episodes cover image under Episode -> General.
You do not need to upload a new cover image for every single episode. If you leave the field blank, the cover image of the podcast will be used instead.

Cover image parameters

The cover image should be at least 1400x1400 pixels and at most 3000x3000 pixels. It has to be square!
It should have a pixel density of 72 dpi.
The formats JPG (.jpg) and PNG (.png) are allowed.
Important to note is the RGB color space (CMYK is not accepted by iTunes).

It is recommended that the cover image should optimally not be larger than 512kB, and never larger than 1MB.

The cover image content

We recommend adding the title of your podcast to the cover picture, as some podcast players will display a list of pictures without text. This way your listeners know that this is your podcast.
The beauty of a cover picture is of course in the eye of the beholder, but an interesting cover picture can attract potential new listeners.