What sound quality does Podigee work with?

Depending on the selected plan, there are different audio quality levels available.

Bedroom (obsolete) and Basic plans

  • Standard audio quality: MP3 112kbps, AAC 80kbps. Optimal for conversations and interviews.

Advanced and Business Pro plans

From the "Advanced" plan, an additional sound quality level is available: "Better audio quality". With the "Business Pro" plan, the third level, "Best audio quality" can additionally be used, so there are three different levels to choose from within this plan. 

The following characteristics apply to these two quality levels:

  • Better audio quality: MP3 128kbps, AAC 96kbps, optimal for conversations and music.

  • Best audio quality: MP3 160kbps, AAC 112kbps, for more challenging productions.

You can find more details about the available packages and the included features here: https://www.podigee.com/de/pricing.

For an overview, the following table shows the available audio quality levels in each plan:
Quality level / Plan Basic Advanced Business Pro
Standard audio quality + + +
Better audio quality - + +
Best audio quality - - +