Using an external website

Podigee automatically generates a blog for each new podcast, which is accessible via [subdomain-you-chose] However, you can use your external website starting with the Advanced Plan. Every listener who tries to access [subdomain-you-chose] will then be automatically redirected to your external blog. 

Redirecting to an external website

In your podcast settings, in the "Blog" tab, check the "Use another website" box. Then the field below changes to "Website URL". Here you enter the URL of your site. After setting it, click somewhere outside the field and the change will be saved automatically.
Warning: Once the tick is set, your blog will no longer be accessible! You should only set the check mark when the blog you want to redirect to is ready so that your listeners have something to see when they visit your podcast website.

Link episode to the blog post

You can also directly link to the corresponding blog post in the settings for the individual episodes of your podcast. To do this, go to the "General" tab of the episode. There you enter the link to the blog post that belongs to this episode of your podcast in "External episode URL". If the field is left empty, it will automatically link to your blog's domain. 

Note: You can only do this linking if the blog post has already been published, as you will only get the permalink to it from that point on. In most cases, this point in time is after the episode has been published. You can also add the link to the blog post right after the episode is published. More advanced users can also "anticipate" the episode URL based on how their blog generates the URLs to each blog post, and enter it into the field manually. However, be careful because already a small error in the URL will invalidate the URL.