Changing the subdomain

If the subdomain is changed after a podcast is published, all feed addresses will change as well. Without properly redirecting the old feed, you will lose all your subscribers. 

Redirecting the old RSS feed to the new one
To avoid losing all your subscribers at once, you need to follow these steps:
  1. Create a new podcast. This serves as a dummy podcast that gets the old feed address and is only there to point to the new podcast.
  2. For the original podcast, now change the subdomain to the new subdomain you want.
  3. You assign the old subdomain to the dummy podcast.
  4. The dummy podcast now needs one more published episode to be published. This episode can simply contain 30 seconds of background noise. No one has to listen to this episode, because everyone who views the old feed should be redirected to the new one.
  5. In the settings of the dummy podcast, in the "More options" tab, fill in all corresponding forwarding fields with the new feed URLs.
After setting this all up, all access to the old subdomain and old feed URL will immediately be forwarded to the new feed URLs and subdomain. This redirect should last for 4-5 weeks, after which the dummy podcast can be completely deleted, as the external clients/platforms (e.g. Apple and Spotify) should recognise the new RSS feed and switch directly to it.
Other platforms
Platforms like Deezer, Amazon Music etc. unfortunately do not currently recognise redirects. If the podcast has already been submitted to these services, a feed change is only possible manually. Contact us regarding the feed change on Deezer, for Amazon, Podimo etc. please use their support services directly.