Setting up Ad Positions

Pre-roll: Ad or promotion played at the beginning of the episode

Mid-roll: Ad or promotion played in the middle of the episode

Post-roll: Ad or promotion played at the end of the episode

Pre and post-rolls are always “outside” of all other contents and mid-rolls are inside the content. Content in this case is the episode audio file you have uploaded to Podigee. If you have a baked-in intro or ad, this also needs to be understood as part of the content.

Tip: Upload all your episodes without any baked-in additions and use the intro/outro function and the Podigee Dynamic Ad Server to enrich it with more audio. Only then you are able to replace ads or intro/outro without manual editing.

All ad positions are always absolute to the actual content of the episode. If you have an intro setup in Podigee and now want to place a mid-roll, you don’t have to calculate the position on your own, Podigee will handle that for you. If you want to place the ad exactly 2 minutes after the episode begins, just enter this value. You can place mid-rolls with a millisecond accuracy allowing you to use even short breaks in your recordings for placing ads.

To make this a bit more visual, please see the following image: 

This visualization demonstrates how you can set up ads or promotions at exactly the position you want to place them. You can even have multiple pre, mid or post-rolls.