Ad Planner

Introduced in May 2022 the Podigee Ad Server provides a simple way to manually incorporate advertisements in your podcast. The Ad Planner is here to help you make this process automated.

After setting it up, an Ad Plan will automatically remove or replace an advertisement using criteria that you defined.
The criteria can either be a point in time or an delivery threshold.

When creating an Ad Plan you will be able to change its name, this is only visible to you and helps you differentiate your Ad Plans.

Planned Ads

A Planned Ad is an advertisement created in the context of an Ad Plan.


The Ad Plan behaves like a queue, you can set multiple Planned Ads but only one can be active at a time. When opening the edit view of an Ad Plan the table shows:

  • the first Planned Ad which is already active or becomes active when its start date is reached
  • The following lines represent the Planned Ads that will be used in their order

A newly created Planned Ad will be added at the end of the table.

Creation process

You have to upload the audio clip and set a name to the Ad. You need to set a starting criteria. If you want to you can also set an ending criteria for this Planned Ad.

Starting criteria

The starting criteria of a Planned Ad determines when the Planned Ad should start, this field is mandatory.

If you are creating the first Planned Ad in the queue the starting criteria can only be a point in time.
For any following Planned Ad, you could also choose to start it whenever the previous one is removed. This option allows you to automatically replace an Ad with another one. Therefore, your podcast could always be playing Ads.

When the starting criteria is a fixed date, it predominates over the ending criteria of the previous Planned Ad.

For example, if the delivery limit of the current Planned Ad is not yet reached but the date set as starting criteria of the following Planned Ad is, the Ad will be changed to the next one.

Ending criteria

The ending criteria of a Planned Ad determine when the Planned Ad should end, it can be :

  • At a point in time
  • A number of deliveries
  • Both of the previous ending criteria, in this case, the first one reached will trigger the Ad removal/replacement
  • None of them, in this case, the Planned Ad can only be removed/replaced manually by cancellation

Cancel immediately a Planned Ad

A Planned Ad can be edited at any time before being active, but it can't be changed as soon as it becomes active.

If for any reason you wish to remove an active Planned Ad you can click on the "Stop ad immediately". Keep in mind that depending on its starting criteria the next Planned Ad might replace the one you are stopping.

Connect to an Ad Slot

The connection to one or more Ad Slots defines in which Podcasts, Episodes and positions the active Planned Ad will be placed.

Once created and set up the Ad Plan needs to be linked to one or multiple Ad Slots to be used.

To do a multiple Ad Slots assignment you can click on the assign button beside the Ad Plan name. In the following overlay, only Ad Slots without Ads are visible.

To assign a single Ad Slot open its edit overlay (remove the current Ad if there's one) and select the Ad Plan from the drop-down menu. After saving the Ad Slot, the played out Ad will be taken from the Ad Plan.

Ad Plan history

The Ad Plan history provides a simple way to keep track of the past Ads. On this page you will see all the Ads that were at some point active in your Ad Plan. If you delete a Planned Ad before being active it will not be visible on this page.

For each past Ad, you can access analytics, see the active time range, the number of deliveries and the reason of removal.