Ad-free Feed

Ad-free feed

Using the ad-free podcast feed with AdsWizz

Important points:
  1. The ad-free feed is intended exclusively for podcasts that insert the ads via AdsWizz.
  2. The ad-free feed function is available from the Business Pro plan and higher.
  3. The audio files from this feed are delivered without advertising.
Downloads / streams via the provided audio files of the ad-free feed are listed separately in the Analytics dashboard, with the source "ad-free-feed". 
To make the ad-free version of your podcast available to your listeners. Proceed as follows:
  1. Navigate to the "Feeds" tab in your podcast settings.
  2. Click on "Copy link" for the ad-free feed.
  3. Use the ad-free feed link for the platforms and apps.
Guidelines and instructions for use:
  1. You should avoid making the URL of this ad-free feed freely available, as this allows you to listen to the ad-free audio files. Distribution of the URL should be limited to trusted users or platforms.
  2. Note that all downloads or streams via the ad-free feed are recorded separately in the Analytics reports and are displayed as the source "ad-free-feed".