Uploading, encoding and replacing audio files

Uploading Audio Files

Please upload the best available audio quality of your episode. We recommend CD quality (WAVE format with 16 bit and 44.1kHz sampling rate). If you upload a MP3 or AAC file, please be careful that your bit rate is higher than 256 kbit/s. We also accept FLAC.

Publishing Your Episode

Once you click the "Schedule publication" button, the audio file will get prepare for publishing via the webplayer and on the platforms. The publishing process usually takes 50%-60% of the duration of the audio file. This means that if you upload a 10-minute long file, it will take around 5-6 minutes. If you active the transcription feature, it will take a bit longer.

Updating An Existing Audio File

Use the button "Update audio file" to update an already uploaded audio file. This is only necessary, in case you really replace your audio file or if you want to change the advanced audio settings. All metadata changes do not require to update your audio file, because we update the audio file for you in the background whenever you change something like the title or description.

You'll find more information about the metadata which is part of the audio file under https://help.podigee.com/article/84-what-infos-are-baked-into-the-audio-files.

Be aware that updating your audio file is for free, if you published it within the last 7 days.

Replacing An Audio File

If you need to replace an already uploaded audio file, you'll need to delete the current one first, and then upload a new one. Important notice: when deleting and uploading a new audio file, your monthly quota will be reduced by the duration of the new audio file in minutes.


The multi-track feature allows to upload separate audio tracks. When published, these will get merged into a single audio file.
Export separate tracks from your audio editor and upload them by clicking the "Switch to multi track upload" to add your files. Then, either assign someone from your contributors as the speaker or give the track a custom name.
"Multi track" is only available in the advanced plan or higher.